Vibro STA range

The VibroSTA is a vibrating tool system, composed by a vibrator, an isolator and various extension tubes. The vibrator contains an eccentric mass that continuously rotates, generating radial centrifugal force.
This lateral/radial force is used to penetrate the soil and then to treat the soil itself, according to the chosen ground improvement technique (vibro compaction or stone columns).

Different length extension tubes allow the VibroSTA to reach any required treatment depth. VibroSTA can be equipped with a Bottom Feed System (BFS), for stone column applications.
In this case, a stone tube and a stone tank with a stone gate, will be added to the VibroSTA in order to drive the gravel up to the bottom of the perforation level.

STA offers a wide range of vibroflots for ground improvement jobs. Different models are available  depending on the soil conditions and techniques to be implemented. The VibroSTA can be mounted on a crane, on a rig or mast, and on excavator.


Technical features

 Power (Kw) 130 154 180 204
 Freq (Hz) 30 50 30 30
 Rpm Max 2000 3000 2200 1800
 KN 200 230 230 413
 Weight (kg)
1.900 1.600 2.100 2.600
 Length B (mm)
4.000 3.400 4000 4.200
 Diameter A (mm)
400 310 400 500

Power pack

Technical features

Engine Caterpillar CAT C9
Power Kw 261
Frequency rpm 2200
Hydraulic flow
l/min 400
Hydraulic pressure bar 360
Oil tank
lt 1.400
Kg 6.000
Length mm 3.200
Width mm 2.000
Height mm 1.950

Data logger

All working data can be visualized in real time and stored with VibroSTAlog.
The operator can manage and control:

  • Depth
  • Power of compaction
  • Column profile
  • Air/Water flow and pressure

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